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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

Known as Advertorials, Bylines, and Native Advertising, these articles blend journalistic storytelling with subtle yet sophisticated persuasion techniques of direct response copywriting, into a balanced story that slips your message into your customers' minds, without them realizing they're being sold to. It’s effective content marketing, which converts readers into buyers.

Why hire me for content marketing that brings you more leads and sales?

  • Exceptional research ability sets me apart from other copywriters. Few writers are willing to do the deep research necessary to fully tell your story.
  • Developing your stories is fun for me. Getting you more customers is more fun.
  • Don’t take my word for it – read what others have said.


Discover how stories bring you more leads and sales


Maybe you’re after...

  • Increased sales from telling your compelling story.
  • Email open rates spurred to 48% via captivating subject lines.
  • Webinar registration bumped 925% by an email message series.


Or perhaps you’d prefer...

  • Ghost writing that positions you as an industry thought leader.
  • A story that brings five times your previous click-thru record.
  • Videos that sell for you 24-7-365, worldwide.
  • Pages that convert visitors into customers.


Slip your story into their minds using subtle, sophisticated language techniques. When they realize you provide the relief they want, they'll buy.

Having written and edited thousands of articles, I know the formula of a great story.

Let me help increase your sales with an article 

Videos show why you're the one to buy from


Deliver your message to buyers who prefer watching to reading. Are you...

  • Demonstrating a benefit of your product?
  • Making a commercial advertisement?
  • Providing step-by-step instructions?
  • Inviting viewers to an event?
  • Making an offer?


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