What’s an Advertorial?

A combination of advertisement and editorial, an advertorial is an advertisement that looks like editorial content.

Controlled and paid for by the advertiser, an Advertisement provides subjective information that sells. Advertisements are the reason publications exist, because publications exist to make a profit.

Controlled by the publication editor, Editorial Content is comprised of articles, stories and images that entice people to buy and read publications.

An Advertorial is controlled and paid for by the advertiser. Sometimes at the top of an advertorial you’ll see advertisement or advertorial or contributed by or exclusive or special report. That’s how the editor and readers distinguish editorial content from the advertorial.

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Why Use an Advertorial?

  • Readers are 81% more likely to read your advertorial than your advertisement. (Source: advertising legend John Caples, in Reader’s Digest.)
  • Appearing as editorial lowers readers’ resistance to your message.
  • Appearing as editorial implies endorsement from the publication.
  • Implied endorsement combines with lowered advertising resistance to generate stronger purchasing interest.
  • Provides you with more room than an ad, so you can fully demonstrate the benefits of your product or service.
  • You – not the journalist or editor – control what is said about your product or service.
  • Instead of directly selling, an advertorial focuses on how you solve readers' challenges, which increases the value of the information provided.


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A good advertorial…

  • Entertains the reader with useful information.
  • Uses the same typeface and editorial style of the publication in which it appears.
  • Leaves the reader feeling good about buying, for having learned about the benefits of that product or service.

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