This Dave Chappelle has been crafting other peoples' stories for nearly two decades.

Dave Chappelle, storytelling copywriter

Dave Chappelle, storytelling copywriter

Several years into a face-to-face, commission-only sales career and after a lifetime of being called a geek, I chose to become a certified geek. I graduated from DeVry Toronto as class valedictorian on the Dean’s List with an Electronic Engineering Technician diploma (associate degree in the USA).

After college I worked in bench and field support technician positions in IT and security. While working for a value added reseller I grabbed an opportunity to review products for the largest computer publisher in Canada.

Since then, in addition to editing technology news sites, I've written for over a dozen national and international publications and numerous organizations.

During this time, and going back to my sales career, I've also been improving my direct response copywriting. Having both direct response copywriting skills and many years experience as a journalist and editor is why I've been called The Advertorial Ace.

With backgrounds in technology, sales, storytelling journalism, and direct response copywriting I’m best suited to help technology companies like yours.

You get someone who knows how to tell a great story. That’s a skill few copywriters have, yet one that’s especially important today, when everyone is so terrified of offending anybody that almost all marketing is boring.

You also get a direct response copywriter whose focus is on your ROI, meaning that storytelling copywriting will bring you more leads, more engagement, and more sales.

Once you’re out in front it’s very difficult for anybody else to catch up to you. Great marketing can get you out front and keep you there.

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