1. I complete the work.
  2. I meet all deadlines.
  3. I adapt.
Please note:

Organizations change members, websites, and marketing strategies.

When links are lost, in place are the copy without artwork or design, because that's how they look when I send them to clients.

Some examples open in new windows as links to websites, over which I have zero control of appearance or errors.


New York Law Firm Operates a Lean Practice

How hospitality franchisees can protect their data

Old print newspaper advertorials

Blog Posts 

Finance -- Resolve Equity Investments taught individuals how to be wealthy with little risk. Turtle pool at Young and Steels

Collaboration -- Are you aware of these Microsoft Teams Mobile App features?

Cybersecurity -- In Search of the Elusive Rogue Employee

Time-to-Value: One of Three Benefits Driving NetApp HCI Conversations and Adoption

How Your Technology Company Can Become the Generic Name of Your Industry

Project management failures in the capital equipment industry

Three posts that also went to the email list for Promys PSA.

5 ways MSPs drive clients away (and what you can do about it)

How to Track Managed Services Contract Profitability

5 Lessons Learned to Grow a Profitable MSP Business

Of the weekly posts I did for Adlib, I remember enough to find two. Apparently the cool royalty-free images I sourced haven’t made it past subsequent website redesigns. The missing punctuation is the responsibility of the current website writer(s).

How to save $28,000 per year and increase your departmental efficiency

What would you do if you had to convert over 1 million documents to PDF daily?

There were two more I'd share with you, if, new owners hadn't deleted both. First, at a company meeting the QA team revealed how a robot was testing more code than humanly possible. I thought, “What a great way to tell customers our code is developed and tested more efficiently than anybody else’s” which led me to write, "How a depressed robot ensures Adlib PDF is the best it can be."

Second, capitalizing on current events, I also wrote "World Wouldn’t Be Ending if Mayans Had Used Adlib PDF."

Books Authored

Coming Soon:

Sacrificed: Letters home from a WWII air gunner

Us and Them Discuss Suicide

Your Home Business Marketing Plan

Protect Yourself Online: How to cover your assets every time you log on

Books Edited

A Struggle to Walk with Dignity
The Story of a Jamaican-Born Canadian - the Autobiography of Gerald A. Archambeau
First published with Trafford print on demand. Sales of his story helped Gerald land a publishing contract.

It’s Your Business by Larry Robson


BAX Security

Case Studies

How a Law Firm Went From 100% Paper to Practically Paperless, Painlessly

Diskeeper From a single discussion with a lone reluctant interviewee, I developed the entire concept.

Level Platforms


Comic Strips

Sorry I can't show you these, as I don't have the client's permission. I wrote the words; not the drawing.

Data Sheets

Zero Data
PC Check


For over a year I posted articles monthly to LinkedIn. Since you likely don’t want to read them all, here are four:

The only way to tell good marketing from bad

How to overcome false claims about your organization

Five ways to ensure your content is boring… plus three things you need to fix it

When describing your organization, are you unintentionally using the worst word?

If after reading you are sufficiently spellbound to want more, all of them are here:



This email drew 1,551 click-throughs to the Amicus Attorney website on its first day, soundly beating the previous company record of 350. Colleagues were shocked that the usually reserved company founder gave me a high five for that.

The next day someone stole the full story, removed all links and mention of the company, and posted it on LinkedIn Pulse as his own.

Then it went to the American Bar Association list, where it brought in 7,265 visitors to a site that normally received  2,500.

5 ways MSPs drive clients away (and what you can do about it)

This is an email series for estate planning lawyers.


Wavy Davy's Healthy Cookies

Onestop August

Onestop October

Political Campaign

This newspaper advertorial fits within a quarter page, has a positive tone, contains indirect persuasion, and even if you read only the bolded parts the message is apparent.


Two years prior to the 2010 municipal elections one member of a town council began verbally campaigning to become mayor. During the run-up to voting day this alderman promised hockey parents he'd build a new arena. He also promised a library for the reading voters, and a multi-use trail for the walking voters.

With only six weeks remaining until voting day, a local businessman and former alderman decided to run for mayor. His campaign manager hired me to help deliver his message. Knocking on every door in the township was not feasible, given the short time frame. To explain his positions and qualifications to voters, I wrote...

When the votes were counted, the incumbent mayor had finished third. The businessman candidate placed second by a mere 67 votes to the member of council who'd been actively campaigning for two years. Things might have been different if our candidate had decided to run even two weeks earlier.


Amicus Attorney

Press Releases

Shoot for Cystinosis 2024

This Shoot for Abbi 2019 press release brought print and online articles and local cable television coverage.

IBM Ponemon



Dave Chappelle's resume

Sales Letters

Electronic Security Specialists

A letter that uses only quotes to sell the product.

A letter that uses only testimonials to sell the product.

A letter that uses only comparisons to sell the product.

A letter that sold a waterfront home.

A letter to find a new owner for a rescue kitten.

Summit Group

Argus House Watch letter 1

Argus House Watch letter 2


A you may have seen on the front page of this site, I write and record screencast and talking head videos.
Here's one that shares the kind words one industry giant had for another who'd recently passed.

LinkedIn videos

How to improve your newsletter signup form.

An example showing the good parts of an email message and what can be improved.

An example of how bad it looks to recipients when your outreach message does not provide proof that bolsters your claims, and you don't make the effort necessary to ensure you're addressing the correct person.

Amicus Attorney videos

After uncovering the product features that most excited prospective customers, I wrote the scripts and narrated these videos for Amicus Attorney. Then I created content to drive visitors to the videos.

Older screencast videos

For Sale: 1964 Fender Precision Bass guitar

Get your share of the $4 billion Ontario is paying homeowners

Web Pages

Reversing Cancer

When a Free Security System is a lousy deal


I've worked with several different content management systems, including Sitecore, joomla and others I've forgotten the names of. While I can code basic HTML and used it to create my first few websites, and I had a joomla website for several years, I prefer WordPress.

What story can I create for you?