Profitable entrepreneurs use this method

Story Selling without hype consistently achieves outstanding results.

Combining journalistic storytelling with direct response copywriting slips your message into your customers' minds, without them realizing they're being sold to.

Selling with a story is my favorite form of writing, for two reasons...

  1. Selling your story requires I do a metric tonne of what few writers are willing to do -- research. Exceptional research ability sets me apart.
  2. Getting you the highest conversions possible is as much fun as writing your story.


Discover how story selling brings you more leads and sales


Articles inform and persuade

You have a story.

Your story, when told the right way, moves your audience from curious to customer.

Slip your story into their minds. When they realize you provide the relief they want, they'll buy.

Having written and edited thousands of articles, I know the formula for a great story, the kind publishers are always seeking.

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Videos show why you're the one to buy from

Deliver your message to buyers who prefer watching to reading. Are you...

  • Demonstrating a benefit of your product?
  • Making a commercial advertisement?
  • Providing step-by-step instructions?
  • Inviting viewers to an event?
  • Making an offer?


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Attention Marketers:

Copywriting, Content and Storytelling are the building blocks of exceptional marketing

Now you can have the formula for achieving extraordinary results from every campaign.

Ask for your free copy of these three checklists in one to ensure your writing is always powerful.

3 checklists in 1

  1. Direct Response Copywriting checklist
  2. Content Creation checklist
  3. Storytelling checklist


Use these three checklists to...

  • Capture -- and keep -- your readers' attention every time
  • Ensure your content marketing always works for you
  • Boost the ROI of every campaign you launch
  • Get more readers sharing your stories
  • Generate more leads
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Make more sales


Guaranteed to help you maximize every inch of your selling space, these checklists were developed during 18 years of creating captivating content for companies and publications.

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Sell your technology

Generate more leads, close more sales and get better returns from your marketing.

Tell readers your story and slip your message into their minds, until they realize your product and service provide relief from their pain.

Hundreds of thousands of sharp-eyed technology readers have scrutinized my articles, as I'm the former editor of, eWeek Canada and SecurIT, writer for The Computer Paper, eChannelline, ConnectIT, InfoExecutive, and many more.

Who better to tell your story than a copywriter who's been a tech journalist, IT specialist and commission-only salesperson?

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