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  A Struggle to Walk with Dignity is the autobiography of Canadian human rights pioneer Gerald Archambeau. Arriving as a box full of typewritten notes, my editing – while keeping his voice – helped Gerald land a publishing deal.




It’s Your Business by Larry Robson covers topics ignored by other "start a business" books.


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Us and Them Discuss Suicide book cover

This book is for you if…

  • You’ve ever wondered WHY someone killed themself.
  • You have ever felt like is not worth living.
  • You know someone who feels life is not worth living.

In this book you’ll find a reason to continue living.

It’s a reason you’ve neither read about nor heard of.

It’s a reason every bit as valid if not more so than any other reason to remain alive.

And it’s a reason that smashes the usual trite garbage people who don’t understand say when laboring under the misapprehension they’re helping someone struggling with their feelings. You know…

  • “Lighten up. Snap out of it.”
  • “Quit wallowing in self-pity.”
  • “But you’ve everything to live for.”
  • “Think about someone else for a change.”
  • “It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

Thinking about someone else when you’re crushed under the weight of sadness is easy – NOT.

If you’ve ever wanted to have the words with which you can explain how and why you feel, then read this book.

And after you have, pass it along to someone who doesn’t understand.

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Letters home from a WW2 air gunner

Your Home Business Marketing Plan

Ensure your profits on a small budget

Contains numerous simple-to-use secrets learned from many years as a journalist and editor. Apply those that resonate with you and watch your home business succeed.

This was my first book, now very outdated.

Chicken Soup for the Soul® co-creator Mark Victor Hansen said:

"Everyone wants their computer to be secure! Protect Yourself Online is written in normal language for typical computer users and is full of practical information you can use immediately."

#1 New York Times best-selling author Robert Allen said:

"In Protect Yourself Online David Chappelle has made computer security easy to understand. Every page is packed with useful information, without boring technicalities. Use his practical advice to make your computer safe, while you enjoy everything the Internet has to offer."

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