Dave Chappelle, you said, in one sentence, what took me paragraphs. Thanks for the concise thought and comment!
Micheal Tischler, CPIA

I had been getting nowhere with my copy and had been struggling with it. I had low conversion rates. It was the worst. I was referred to Dave Chappelle by a well-respected coach in the online industry. Dave’s work demonstrated quick results and high emotional intelligence. I can’t recommend him enough.
Val Hemminger, Lawyer
Hemminger Law Group Westshore Law Corporation

Dave knocked a recent TechnoRelease (native email advertisement) out of the park, achieving a cost per click of just 93 cents. The copy pulled at all the right strings — a gripping story about an unlikely hero coupled with an irresistible call to action. Unlike many copywriters, Dave also created the materials offered in the advertisement — a white paper and accompanying video.
Neil J. Squillante, Publisher, TechnoLawyer

Hi Dave,
If this e-mail is any indication of how you write copy, you must be one helluva good copywriter!
Doberman Dan, DobermanDan.com

You’re one of the best writers I know.
Markus Allen, Truthin7Minutes.org

This is brilliant Dave, thank you!
Chris Hicken, VP Marketing, UserTesting.com

Hi Dave
Thanks again for your diligence on this project. We're all really happy with the Kroll Ontrack article.
Heidi Bobier, Senior Account Executive, creation.io

Anybody who knows me, knows I didn’t write that article. Good job.
Paul Comessotti, Canadian Country Manager, Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.

Hi Dave
This case study sounds too good to be true!
I have to add though that finding a replacement for you would be a challenge.
Sharon Richards, Eurosoft (UK) Ltd.

Dave, you tripled my business in a week. Phenomenal writing gets phenomenal results. You truly get what you pay for.
Thank you so much.
Laura Fevez, The Dresser Drawer

Dear Mr Chappelle:
Thank you for your letter of January 23. It is always a delight to hear from someone who has been following my work since the late ’70s!
I appreciate receiving a copy of Larry Robson’s book, It’s Your Business.
Thank you too, Mr Chappelle, for thinking enough of my work to include a quotation of mine. It was gracious of you to include it and I am grateful.
Zig Ziglar

I finally got a chance to view your video. I think it’s pretty good. I’ve downloaded a copy and will give it to others as well. Thank you for your work! Every effort like this helps to awaken the masses to what is going on around us.
Yours in liberty,
Bruce Montague

Dave has over 20 years in the IT industry. He's more expensive and worth it.
Melissa Bolton, President and CEO, Ulistic Inc.

Dave. Thank you.
This is a great piece and I’m very grateful. I think you’ve done an excellent job of describing the importance of privacy in my work.
Kind regards,
Jeff Kirke

Truly awesome story in eWEEK Canada… thanks so much Dave!
Matt Zintel, managing director, Zintel Public Relations

Thank you for the great article, I read the entire thing and am impressed with your writing. Great content, good story.
All the best,
Paul Tobey, CEO, Training Business Pros

Hi Dave, thanks for the exceptionally positive review of the Allstream website! We certainly worked very hard on it, but are not resting on our laurels. So much still to do.
Jeff Gluck, Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications and Web, MTS Allstream

Hi Dave
I just saw your piece on the itincanada.ca site – Not only was it an excellent read, but I’ve gotta say that you did an excellent job in using the quotes in context. I’ve done several media interviews over the years and my, as my wife puts it, “long windedness” has had the odd quote taken or used in less-than-intended contexts.
Marc Bissonnette, CanadianISP.com

The more I read your stuff the more I want to buy you a beer.
Jim Ducharme

Dave – you’re a frick’n writing machine. Thanks for the copy.
Tom Wilkinson, Group Editor, Niagara Community Newspapers

Dave was straight forward with his approach from the beginning and he was easy to communicate with. His edits were really great and he even added comments to sections that had great relevance.
I feel much more confident about my script now and excited to get it on to video.
Thanks for your work Dave. It’s great to get a second pair of eyes on your work – especially from a professional editor.
Jeremy Maher, CreditRepairDoctor.com

Thanks David,
Brilliant sample of what you could do!
I feel like I just read the arrangement of a tasty symphony.
Will be in touch,
Nancy Houle, Pilgrim Productions

I highly appreciate your timely help. The chalkboard message you wrote created lively interest for the machine at Ukrainian Festival in Toronto. I guess our board was the most intriguing and interesting after all!
Oleksandra Botyuk, Espresso on the Go

Hi Dave
Thanks for your great work! Everyone thinks you have done a great job with the case studies. They are making a huge difference in morale for the sales and tech teams here. The distance makes no difference; you have made a very valuable contribution to our team and we all appreciate it very much!
Carolyn Miyazaki, Marketing Communications Analyst, Level Platforms Inc.

The Parsons piece is outstanding.
Derek De Vette, VP Public Affairs, Diskeeper Corporation

Hi David,
Thank you very much. I really enjoyed working with you on this. I will let you know if any other case studies come up.
Colleen Tourmayan, Diskeeper Corporation

Hi Dave
Nice VoIp Quality of Service piece – go ahead and invoice.
Tim Wilson, Editor, Telemanagement

Hi David,
Thanks for your follow up. I actually by coincidence just spotted it this afternoon and was ready to send you a belated thank you note. This is great! Much appreciated!
If you are ever out this way please drop by to say hello. If you have time we can even do lunch — it would be my pleasure!
Best regards,
Irving Frydman, National Manager Marketing Communications, Fujitsu Canada

Keep in touch if you are interested in doing some more articles for us in the future! I look forward to getting some writing from you because I always enjoyed your style!
Talk to you soon,
Suave Kajko, Publisher/Editor in Chief, CANADA HiFi

Thanks Dave. Much appreciated. Your article is a large part of why the current issue is so good. It’s an amazing piece.
Yours in Liberty,
Christopher di Armani, Editor, Canadian Firearms Journal

Your editorial skills are evident to people who read my book, so press on with your work.
Things like TV interviews in Jamaica, Canada and elsewhere are all possible now, along with more write ups in national and local papers. Please give us some feed back on the review, and keep in mind that your work helped to make it possible, as I never expected things to break in such a nice way. All the best to you and yours.
Gerald A. Archambeau, Author – A Struggle to Walk with Dignity

One of The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz) is to be impeccable with your word. I’d say you’re doing just that.
- with gratitude,
Jeanette Monahan

Hi Dave
You are amazing, your letter sounds much better than mine; it’s great.
Next I’d like you to take a look at the flyer, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Kelly Post, The Health Post

Thanks for doing such a great job with the article. You conveyed the mission of I.C. Stars perfectly.
Please let me know if you are ever in the city. I would love to take you to lunch.
Once again, thanks for all your time and consideration.
Tiffany J. Mikell, I.C. Stars

Hi Dave,
After reading your letter, it certainly is one of the greatest letters I’ve read of all time. I certainly will keep it with me for years to come.
Thanks so much for the kind words and a great read.
Murray Hodgins, Investment Advisor, Union Securities Ltd.

Nice job with this.
You gave me a solid framework, given the time constraints.
I believe the client will be pleased.
Go ahead and submit an invoice.
Pete Wiltjer, Bradley Wiltjer Marketing Group, Inc.

The article reads really well – you have done a fine job at reflecting my views on the topic of giving back. Good job!
Ellen Barry, CIO, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

Great article!!
It sounds a lot like Ellen.
I ghost write for Sandee sometimes, its thankless – so thank you David!!!
Eric Lannert, I.C. Stars

FYI – good job on the Ellen article – it is going to copy.
Send me an invoice.
Ben Bradley, Bradley Wiltjer Marketing Group, Inc.

Hi Dave,
Welcome aboard! We are thrilled about having your assistance on the Mac News.
Candace Chorpenning, VTN Business Development Representative, Ingram Micro Inc.

Nice job.
Invoice me $___ [much more] instead of the $___ I originally mentioned for this one.
And let me know if you have time this week to turn around another one.
Andrew McKay, Editor, CRN Canada

Hi Dave
Thank you very much for reviewing our Orion. It’s a beautifully written article and we appreciate all your time! I’ll be sure to keep you updated with Celestix in the future.
Thanks again
Whitney Dean, Celestix Networks

Hi David;
Many thanks for the coverage of our GEDAC meeting last week regarding the Mayor’s Business Luncheon. It is always good to have a plug for the GEDAC people who work hard, gratis, on town projects. Also, the item will help us in seeking sponsorship and door prizes again.
Brian Purdy, Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee

Hello Dave,
I am now embarked on a new career which I feel quite good about. I am glad that I enlisted your help in getting my resume sorted out and the introductory letter you crafted for me was excellent.
Many thanks, Best regards
Tony Vandorpe.

Beautiful, Dave! And so inspirational!! EXACTLY what we’re looking for!!!!
We’re going to run this in next Wednesdays issue.
Big hugs!!!!
Angela Hoy, Publisher, WritersWeekly.com



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